The Augie Card

Augie is a platform that enables all to build a credit profile without getting into unsustainable debt or incurring costs.[i]

Use the Augie Card to pay your recurring bills to create credit history and improve your financial health.

And while you are at it, you can also earn reward points that can reduce your bills. How? Just sign up and invite your friends to Augie.

Why are we doing this?

Lack of awareness and ability to manage one’s credit profile financially disadvantaged a very large number of residents in America.


of Americans have to make a change in managing their credit score before turning 30


of Americans receive no formal personal finance education before college


of Americans believe the credit mistakes they made while young negatively affected their quality of life

+45 million

adults with no credit score

+26 million

adults are completely “invisible” to credit bureaus

How Augie solves it

Augie is launching a platform to help our users better manage their financial health by learning how to manage personal finance.

The Augie Card will be a potent tool in this mission. It is a credit card that is:

  • Simple to use.
  • Augie will not charge any card annual fees or interest. Ever.
  • Open to everyone in the US who uses a bank account or other financial service to pay recurring bills.
Here’s a quick video to lay it out

The Augie Card: Better by Design

No annual card fee

No interest to be paid to Augie

No credit check required

Simple to set up and operate

Hidden costs

Needs debt or complicated lending schemes

Potential to harm credit score with minor mistakes

Block or reduce access to own cash

The Augie Card will launch shortly.

Join the list to be among the first set of card members.