Augie – the Company

Augie is on a mission to dramatically enable expansion of access and inclusion to the financial system for all US citizens and residents[i]

America has witnessed a reckoning in the last decade that financial health is of paramount importance to physical and emotional wellbeing. However, until very recently, financial health, particularly the establishment of good credit, wasn’t attainable without going into debt, often an unsustainable one. Coupled with this, alternative payment mechanisms are making it increasingly difficult for the young and the unbanked people to ever establish their credit.

So, at Augie, we are building a company that empowers consumers to achieve financial wellness.

The first step towards this is to enable consumers to create credit history without the burden of traditional debt, interest, or unnecessary fees by simply continuing to pay the monthly bills that they already pay.

The idea is for our users to start and progress on their financial wellness journey while we arm them with the tools to do so with minimal change to how they live their life.

Team Augie

Paul Harkins

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Multiple-Exit CEO

Amit Thakur

Banker, Executive, Serial Investor and Strategy Expert

Our Strategic Partners