Frequently Asked Questions

What is Augie?

Augie is a revolutionary payment platform that creates a positive, personal credit history from your existing monthly bills.

When will Augie be available?

We have already started the preparations for a launch and are running an invite list. Make sure you are on it.

What is the Augie referral program?

It’s simple. Use the referral code you receive in your registration email or on the app to refer friends and family to use Augie. When you do and the referral signs up and uses Augie for a few months, you both get reward points. That’s right, reward points that can help pay your bills.

What does it cost to sign-up for Augie?

Zero, zilch, nada. It really costs you nothing to sign up for the Augie payment platform.

How will I know when I can activate my Augie account?

Oh, we will email you.

What do I need to activate my Augie account?

Well, you see, we need to make sure you are a real human and not a latte-guzzling android. To do that, you need to present a verifiable form of ID, have an existing checking or savings account with a U.S. bank that our partner MX Technologies can connect to, and not be someone that the US government has on their negative lists like the OFAC SDN and non-SDN lists. And of course, a social security number.

Is there a credit check?

No. We are a platform for all. We assume you have no credit, so we don’t check it. Our job is to help you build credit.

Who is a perfect Augie user?

Anyone who wants to build positive credit without going into unsustainable debt or paying credit card annual fees and interest. So, really, everyone in the US.

Is the Augie Card a secured credit card?

The Augie Card effectively creates a payment-by-payment security. Unlike other secured credit cards where you can utilize your security amount only when you close the card account, the Augie account lets you utilize the security account balance for paying down your credit card balance. So, your monthly cashflows don’t change and you do not block a large amount of cash.

What is the Augie Secured account?

The Augie secured account is a balance you will maintain with one of Augie’s bank partners. This account will hold the security for the amount you spend on the card. We and our relevant bank partners will have security over your money in the account so that in case you don’t pay your card dues, we can use the balance in this account to pay it down.

What can the money in the Augie Secured Account be used for?

The balance in the Augie Secured Account can be used only for repaying the Augie Card dues.

How will opening an Augie Account impact credit scores?

A history and track record of having a credit line and using it appropriately is one of the important factors used by credit bureaus to establish a credit score. Opening an Augie Account and using it as intended will create a track record for this purpose. This will establish and contribute to improving your credit score.

Will opening and using an Augie Account improve credit scores?

Building and maintaining a credit score depends on your action, situation and transactions. The scores are independently determined by credit bureaus based on a number of factors, including your other financial transactions. Using the Augie Card will create a track record of credit transactions that in general can affect your credit score positively if used as intended. However, there can be no guarantee of you being able to establish a credit score or improving it. Certain actions taken, or not taken, by you on the Augie Card (such as paying down the credit card dues in time), or otherwise may result in a negative effect on your credit score.

How is Augie different from all the others out there?

Oh, where do we start! Augie does not charge any fees or interest, you can use many of the recurring  monthly bills you pay to build solid credit, and it is simple to use.

If the Augie does not charge credit card fees or interest, how does Augie make money?

You never pay for it. Instead, we make money by keeping a part of the interchange, or fee, paid by the subscription service or merchant who is billing you.